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Our family just received the most recent issue of Swiss Review and we were excited to read about Das Biohaus at Concordia Language Villages' Waldsee site. We are a Swiss and American dual family and our 13-year-old son will be heading to the Bemidji site in mid-July for a German language camp. We are delighted to know about this new building and the interest it's generating. Our own home is a beautiful passive solar earth-berm building with the solar and wood-heated water. All of the interior materials are would tile or plaster coated with plant oil based paints and finishes. We built this ourselves and have been living comfortably in it (in the Upper Midwest)for 20 years now. We've been looking forward to the time when more people will build their homes this way and know the pleasures and comforts as well as right relationship to the earth. We would love to talk with you about it some time. Thanks for your work and thanks for presenting it and making it accessible.

lawrence helson

In Bucks county, PA, we are interested in
constructing a BioHaus type of a home.
We have a building site available
Forward possibility etc.

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